Not dead yet. Temporary reprieve.

I had a squamous cell carcinoma – that’s a proper cancerous lesion, that one. They had managed to cut it all out though, and today the consultant checked me all over, or at least where he could see ( me being in a chair ) and felt the lymph nodes under my arms, around my neck and also near my ears. He said it all seemed ok, and said that there was a reasonable chance I’d get more, and probably in the same area, so to be vigilant.

I was completely indifferent to his words, neither feeling relief nor disappointment. I’m perfectly content with my expiration, but these days ok with sticking around, which is a seismic shift from not that long ago when I’d have crossed my fingers for bad news.

What I am dead set on doing is making the most of the time i have, though don’t care if that’s 3 months or 20 years.

My next check is in 3 months.

We have just rode here through the falling snow. God knows what the car drivers thought of some bloke in a wheelchair trike weaving through the rush hour traffic wearing a ski helmet and a face visor with a grinning skeleton face on it….

I have just had some different very sad news also, that is related to me, but indirectly. I’m so sorry, and will be thinking about that a lot for a while. Thanks to Jeff Thomas for telling me.

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