None the wiser.

So I got a call from my surgeon, as arranged.

Bio – no growth of infectious organisms

S16 – bacteria DVA negative

Histology – didn’t show evidence of infection, but there is inflammation

Urology to send all letters to surgeon(and results of urine stuff).

L3 and L4 discs def not normal – think should do posterior instrumental first (major op to correct 36 degree curve/ scoliosis) then a week or so after, do front (though side incision – smaller op) which take out abnormal tissue with L3/L4 cage to support spine at the front. Straightening and keeping him straight.

In prep, need all info from urologist and liaise with microbiologist at London Bridge to see what organisms he has been growing so can give best antis to limit infection in surgery site. All letters and all urinary microbiology.

What is the metal work type that French put in spine – titanium. Who manufacturer is? Try to find out – and they will check records their end first.

Ballpark figure for surgery – 2nd week of July. Hospital for 3 weeks – out beginning of August. Book rehabilitation bed for 2 weeks following that – out mid/late August.

4 thoughts on “None the wiser.

  1. I’m puzzled by what is in the gunk they tapped off your spine then.
    However, your consultant sounds like a very thorough chap, and he is gloriously clear!
    Is it because he’s dealing with a fellow medic? Whatever the reason, great stuff. It sounds as if he has a very precise plan for you, which is a great relief.

    Now to plot something to keep yourself occupied while you’re laid up.
    Do you have some schemes to work on? You can help me with my marketing module for next year, if you like. 😀

  2. HI Russ,we never fail to read anything you put on your ,so many of us in Wales read it,Malcom Hodge,x teacher at West Mon school is also a regular reader.Always passes a little comment ,he goes to the same chapel in Abersychan that nan Tess and Bamp Dawkins and us girl,s still go.Like the girl,s bit Russ Aunty Rose was 67 Monday and me 65 a few weeks ago a pair of old fools Russ ,still we can still make people laugh,Think there,s a past players do up the untied rugby club tonight your father ect are the organisers Del and Mike gone out the star,for a few pint,s it,s a bit of an old hat now Russ,Hope all goes well Russ with your future op,s any thing that helps as got to be good and those bloody jumping legs,day and night,that’s terrible if only it would put an end to that Russ it will be worth it.Love to you Dani and Girl,s please keep the blog going x☺

  3. Progress at least/at last.
    Plus a very comprehensive summary. Most consultants aim to confuse I find but you’ve outwitted him.

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