No surrender.

I learned a ( new ) important lesson yesterday. It’s to trust your instincts – well they are there for a reason, and are the essence of you as a creature. I’m talking in my case about ‘ choosing ‘ a partner. Basically, you HAVE to heed the warning signs and listen to the alarm bells that your INSTINCT is telling you loud and clear that someone isn’t a fit for you. She may well be a perfect fit for someone else, but for you she’s never going to work, no matter how much you are  prepared to bend to her will, by way of ‘ trying to make it work ‘.

I think also that your friends should feel free to tell you what they think too – after all, they are your friends, so if you don’t respect their opinions, then either they aren’t your friends, or you aren’t their friend. If you can’t trust your mates, then they aren’t actually your mates, are they?

After watching the Churchill film, it’s apparent that without him at the helm, the Swastika would indeed have flown over Buckingham Palace. He listened to the people, whose instinct it was to never, NEVER surrender. To me, in my situation, it was such a powerful film. Never give up, and if you fight for long enough and hard enough, you WILL win.  Like Shackleton, my hero, Churchill knew never to give up.

When i commîtted suicide last July, i wasn’t giving up, i was choosing a different path. No one made me do that, it was right for me at the time, and my choice. My choice now is to live on and make the most of what i have left.

Enough said.

6 thoughts on “No surrender.

  1. I love this post – insightful as ever Mr Dawkins.
    The thing is, we all need to compromise a bit when we are in a relationship.
    That said, I’m talking about stuff like ‘I’ll cook, you clear up’ or ‘yes, I’ll watch Die Hard with you again tonight, but tomorrow it’s a chick flick fest’.
    However, we should never have to compromise on who we actually are. What we all need in our lives is that one person who ‘gets’ us.
    We are all imperfect but we all deserve to be adored just as we are.
    Keep looking Russ – your perfectly imperfect partner is out there somewhere…
    …and listen to your spider senses next time!

  2. “Never Give Up.” & ” My choice is to make the most of what I have.”
    Should be on something you see everyday , to remind you when you need it. Xoxox

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