No sleep

Sleep is yet another thing that I seem to have lost.

Night after interminable night I lie awake, my bloody useless legs vibrating all by themselves, jarring the rest of me sufficiently to keep me from drifting off.

Sleep is a powerful thing – all animals need it to function properly, including me.

As only 40% of me works, it doesn’t follow that I only need 40% of normal sleep. I take tablets out of desperation, but they are addictive and I don’t really want to add that to the list of stuff wrong with me.

It’s late though and I can’t bear another night like this so I’ll take another one


3 thoughts on “No sleep

  1. The body needs sleep /rest just as much as it needs food as both give us energy, at the moment it looks like its worth taking the medication to help but could be worth checking out other ways of self help for dropping off to sleep if pain etc allows, maybe some type of meditation or relaxation method x

    1. Insomnia is more likely for me now

      I can’t do the exercise I did, lots of bodily functions don’t work and bits of me jerk constantly.

      I’m trying new meds and diet soon, too.

      I wish I could mentally block it out.

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