No luck.

So Danielle wheels me down the road, to the venue of a surprise party for a lovely friend.

Caroline is duly surprised, and I get as far as the singing of Happy birthday before my spasms are so intense that I can’t concentrate on anything else.

My bloody catheter is full of blood again, and blocked, so that my bladder is full, my middle is consequently bloated, and I’m in a party that suddenly is really the last place that I want to be, again feeling like a total misfit amongst all the happy and healthy people.

Kev and Cress are very kind, and Dickon wheels me back to where I live, and the District Nurse does her thing to unblock my tube.

Unblocked, it doesn’t help, my spasms are continuous, and the urine still doesn’t want to flow out.

Sally, the DN, who I certainly have faith in, diagnoses that I’m probably massively constipated, which is the reason for my ever present bloated stomach, and wants the DN team to address that asap.

Me, I just want to be happy, and this never ending bad fortune is severely testing my new found resolve.

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