No idea…

I do continue to be amazed by the ineffective nature of the way that some people ‘ work ‘

As I subscribe to the Just Get on With It school of thinking, I really don’t admire people who do the opposite.

The nurse hère that ‘ is looking after me today ‘ came in at 8am. I said ‘ could you please help me to have a wash and dress so that I can get out of bed?’ It won’t take long.

‘ I’m just saying hello to everyone first’ was her answer. She was very smiley and NOT in a hurry, that I could see.

There are 14 people on the ward. If she spent probably 7 minutes saying hello to me, and you multiply that by 14 , then it’s almost TWO HOURS before she actually DOES anything for anyone.

It was 3 and a half hours before she came back, after I’d rung the bloody bell in desperation.

But if you ask her… guess what ? Yes, she’s ‘been VERY BUSY ‘ ….

If there was a fire or something, we’d have zero chance, for sure.

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