No good.

Lily and i went to Brixton Academy to see The Prodigy. They have so much material in their back catalogue that thé packed crowd wanted to hear.

Why then did they play only 2 of those tracks, and for the other 90 Minutes play tracks that were never popular, or that no one had heard of. Surely the band can see and respond to the visible reactions of the crowd ? When they play something and the crowd goes wild, is there no thought process that they go through to determine what they play that night. Of course I know that they play a predetermined track list, but they could include in that list all the stuff that Spotify and YouTube tells them fans are watching and listening to?

But no, they played largely dross and it wasn’t very good, other than the fact that I got to spend some time with my daughter, who was very helpful as well as charming.

I was finding myself apologising to her that the band were a complete let down, like it was MY fault…

I definitely wouldn’t bother to see them again. As a rule, every gig that my BFF Pia misses is bloody brilliant, but Pia – you were definitely better off missing this one!

Mind you, Matt Goss the night before was truly cringeworthy. I think I was one of ten males in the audience of about a hundred, and almost certainly the only definitely heterosexual one of those.

So, that was my GigReport. Two to avoid…..!

2 thoughts on “No good.

  1. Russell,
    I discovered this site yesterday evening and have been gripped for hours, hence the time: 2.20 am. It seems you’re a bloody fighter and I have the utmost admiration for you. I’m not quite sure whether it’s appropriate to say I’m desperately sorry to hear about your situation, but it’s true, I am; I remember you as a genuine, warm individual with a great sense of humour – just like your dad. Everyone who has lived for thrills experiences close shaves – I’ve had a few myself, but have had the good fortune to escape by the skin of my teeth. Keep your pecker up mate. Perhaps we could meet up some time. Mark Halliday (Doc)

  2. Russ, my favourite band, Metallica, possess a HUGE back catalogue and so they can vary their set list on their truly global tours. In fact, fans are often able to select songs for a forthcoming gig via social media, a marketing trick that Prodigy could utilise.

    On YouTube, they even post sound checks in their Tuning room, pre gig.

    Buon Natale !!!

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