The bloody spasms are keeping me awake.

It’s 2.30 and it’s a bit relentless.

I’m getting hot but I don’t have the movement to get off the T shirt that I don’t normally wear, and the struggle makes me hotter.

I elevate the bed to let me see my feet , one of which is stuck between 2 bed bars, spasming.

i can’t reach it to free it, so I struggle to reach a knee and move that , which frees the foot.

Released, the foot is now doing its thing at the bottom of the bed, not  looking too injured after it’s spell in confinement

Bugger me, my kayak mate Randall, who I wrote about in this diary only last week, had a bloody heart attack really not long after seeing me.

i think he ate  both of our desserts that night, but that wouldn’t be unusual, and I’m sure can’t have been the reason for his arrest.

Anyway, I’m bloody relieved that he is now definitely on the mend, and I’m sorry that I didn’t know, and I’m sorry that I didn’t visit you in hospital too, my friend .


Also lovely to spend time with Nicola recently and the now normal legged Neal Watson, yesterday, who now doesn’t have to give me a push, as I have my own wheel!




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