From my non stop spasms, I’m gambling on having another UTI, rather than my fixation coming loose again, and hoping that the appropriate antibiotic will fix it.

I am also extremely tired, and just fell asleep in my chair for 20 minutes, which I think is a first. As I’m strapped into the bloody thing, I can’t fall out of it .

However, who knows?!

As I can’t reach my legs any more, I can’t get to them to move them around and stretch them in different directions, and they seem to have gone extremely stiff as a consequence, and even put on muscle. further adding to the weight of them.

It was great to see James C, and Mary on Friday- time seems to go faster now that I’ve cheered up… and I keep myself occupied doing constructive things all of the time ( not that falling asleep counts as constructive )

Anna, my morning carer, says that spending time with me doesn’t actually feel like work, such is the fun that we have… when I then asked if I could stop paying her, she replied very diplomatically ‘ that if that was financially possible for her, then she would agree ‘   I’ll take the compliment.

My next X ray is in 2 weeks’ time, to see if anything has officially moved within my spine. If it has, then God only knows what they’d do next.

Its Xmas soon, I’ve just realised.. and I don’t know what I’ll be doing really? Life used to be so busy in the pre Xmas period, but now that seems to have altered, and I don’t really have a lot  festive  going on, as far as I know, though I am for the next week busy all of the time, both in the daytime and the evenings.

As I don’t think I’ll be allowed to go sit skiing this winter, and may or may not be spending a month in rehab in hospital, my immediate life short term life is sort of on hold.

Going to work is impossible for a few reasons, practical, political and spinal, and my restriction to only wheelchair taxis does limit my travel a bit, and there’s been a definite shift in my ‘ social circles ‘ as marital status change looms, though not through anything I’ve deliberately done – I’m too busy being positive, which is extremely welcome inside my head, and those of the friends that I see a fair bit of.

Tomorrow, I’m going to a talk by a pair that rowed the Pacific – as much a mental as it will have been a physical challenge. I did invite a mate ( Mr James C, who’s no stranger to such a challenge ) but sadly he was already committed to a talk about ante natal stuff, that Mrs C wouldn’t let him get out of….. what is it with wives?( God Bless  ‘ em, they mean well…… as well as exerting a powerful influence quite a lot of the time )

I’ll write more about that ( the rowers, not the wives  ) once I’ve listened to what they say… my days of rowing ( different pronunciation )  with wives are hopefully over.



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  1. Please check this website, and read a book called breaking the habit of being yourself, i have met Dr joe a few times, he was paralysed at one point in hs life and though rewiring his brain mentally he has healed himself, I am a true believer of mind over matter and urge you to find out more about him as i think he could really help you. i also have another chap i would suggest speaking with- will pass his details on to Randall, he does haiwaian therapy- and again can help wit some of the stuff you are going through, his name is gary plukett, think he will be great for you too. hugs xx

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