New yesterday – well I’d never seen a George Bernard Shaw play, and I’d never been to The Orange Tree theatre in Richmond. Tbh, it was bloody brilliant. I had no idea just how clever that writer was, or how similar in so many ways human behaviour is now compared to all those decades ago when the play was written. Thanks to Toby and Cress for the invite, and my date for coming. Thanks to Pia for the invite to her birthday celebration, not thanks to the frosty reception I got from lots of my pre divorce friends – that was an experience, I can tell you…. all ‘ dealt with ‘ quite calmly by myself though, I must say.
New today – met a cool lady online, and a first for Linda and i, going to the movies. The Darkest Hour promises to be really good. I find myself more and more interested in WW2 as time goes by, the horrors of The Holocaust, and the cruelty of the Nazis. Human cruelty of course goes on, and its fascinating listening to Linda’s Robert Mugabe tales, as she is from Zimbabwe.

Gotta sleep!

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