New month, new optimism.

I feel now that I’m getting somewhere. 

My ass is recovering, they’ve given me a weights programme, and, as per the pic, they’re getting me on 2 wheels!
The last time I was on two wheels I broke my back, so good to exorcise that demon then…..
Had my usual lovely flow of visitors, Mary, Dan and Ollie and Patricia yday, and Dani and Frank today. Frank brought a delicious feast of Carluccio’s best take away, kicking the ass out of the culinary fare served here ( which, tbh , is pretty poor ).
I can now at last envisage progress. It definitely makes me feel a lot more optimistic for my future. 
I felt I was just drifting, unnoticed, for the last week, with little to look forward to. But, as of today, the light is brighter. 
My daily diary henceforth will be more packed with activities. My physio, James, reckons I could be out of here in 8 weeks. Jesus, that’s not long to learn all the skills missing at the moment, including such things as driving a modified car…. But James believes in me so who am I to question his experience…?
130 sign up’s for the pedalling part of the Spine-a-thon!
Don’t forget, you can just come to the bar and not pedal. Either way tho, tell Dan you’re coming ( )
It should be the party of the year…. !

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