New kid in town.

The vacated lorry driver’s bed has been filled.

The gentleman appeared, amongst other things, to have some difficulty walking.

He was here a few hours before he asked the nurse to help him visit the toilet. As he is directly opposite me, I  pretty much have to turn my head or close my eyes not to see him.

He is wearing a standard hospital gown. They cover the front of you and are tied at the back, but  also open at the back too.

I was treated to the view of him bending over, with his back to me, and his feet planted firmly apart, with no underwear on.

I could see the reason for his odd gait.

He’s got bigger nuts than I have!

And that’s why he’s here…

So now I’m not only paralysed and bed bound, but also not even the bloke with the biggest bollocks on the ward!


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