New found positivity.

I’ve gone from wishing I was dead to looking forward to a bright future. 

Lots of reasons. 
One, definitely that video I posted ‘the Freedom Chair’.  To see him sit ski to such an amazing standard is compelling. 
I’ve had 2 little goes at it but could do it fairly well. 
Give me a week or two and I’ll be half decent. 
A year or two, well who knows. 
Before, all of my ski guides would comment on how good I was, given it was just a hobby. Several said I ought to be an instructor, and my last guide said, when I asked him what I should work on ‘ I was hoping you might give me a few tips ‘.. Flattery I’m sure, but we all need a bit of that ( especially if we’re paying for it 😉
So… I’ve no doubt that I’ll get better, get back off piste and kick some ass in due course. 
I’ve gone from thinking everything is an ordeal, to my former attitude : it’s a challenge that I will master. 
The change in my headspace is unbelievable, frankly. 
My life is NOT over, it’s just beginning. 

4 thoughts on “New found positivity.

  1. You always said either a very chirpy ‘Hello’ or smiled at either one of us!
    You once went as far as slightly taking the pxxx out of me, when I was pushing a tiny girls bike up the street that was very pink and sparkly and you very dryly said ‘nice bike’, if I had have been more on the ball I would have replied nice canoe!
    Take Care

  2. Hi Russ

    You don’t know me, I live locally to the river. My husband and I often used to see you walk down our road, sorry I stand corrected stride down our street with a big grin carrying your canoe. It looked awesome and you looked incredibly fit from it all.
    I couldn’t quite believe it when I heard what had happened, this seemed very unfair to someone who clearly loved life. I think about it a lot and it has also made me look at my own life and ensure that I enjoy even just the simple things in life, like cuddling loved one’s (we have two little urn’s/rascals)!
    I saw a quote on a bag I was given recently and it said this ‘What will you do now with the gift of your left life’ I thought it was a good one!

    I wish you a comfortable recovery and that you receive the respect and the dignity that a human has the right to receive. You seem to have a wonderful, beautiful family around you.

    I will ensure to introduce myself to you when you are back in the neighbourhood.

    Kind Regards


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