New things ?

Well I hadn’t seen Erasure until Friday, I hadn’t listened to a Ben Saunders talk about Polar Exploration until Monday, and I hadn’t been to the esteemed RAF club in Piccadilly until tonight!

Neither had i contemplated flying a microlight aircraft until this evening, but it’s now certain that I’ll give it a go.

It is a bit of a death wish hobby, so that suits me down to the ground … literally…

Thanks to all the people there, who make the charity possible – what a brilliant night. Seeing the current land speed record holder, and listening to him talking about his next attempt – to reach a 1000 mph in a car – was incredible. He quoted all sorts of stuff, but the thing I remember most was that at 1000mph the pressure of the air on the car itself was ‘ the same as 3 African elephants standing together on one square metre of the car’s surface’.

Mental stuff.

Thanks to Toby and Cress, and great to see Tom there!

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