Never ending?

I’m tired of the monotony of being ill, or at least having new things wrong with me.

My urine now has all sorts of discharge and blood in it. That’s obviously not a sign of anything good.

My spasms plague me most nights, most of the night.

It’s not easy to be very positive about my future. It makes me think thoughts such as ‘ maybe the urine test will flag up some fatal condition, and I’ve only got a month to put up with this existence ‘  I’d be personally quite content with that.

Maybe not a whole month, though.

1 thought on “Never ending?

  1. Russ, you poor thing, I’m sorry your misery continues, it must be hellish. You don’t talk about what you go through, other than on your blog. Thanks for being there for the rest of us, even when you’re dealing with your own difficulties.
    Love Alwyn

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