Never a dull moment.

♦Thé Stereophonics were brilliant, as expected.

Getting back wasn’t so easy, but by 12.30 I was back safely. Thanks to the amazing Pia, yet again.

After about half an hour of the gig, a bloke came on stage and had the mike. He then proposed to a blonde in the audience… very romantic and unexpected?

They resumed their act, but then stopped again when another bloke came on stage. I did think that one proposal was probably enough, but it wasn’t that. A gentleman had just had a heart attack in the audience, just in front of the band ( perhaps he was the husband of said blonde ? )

While the paramedics went to work, we all held our breath. They stretchered him out, and it carried on again. Thankfully, they announced that this chap was alive and well ( ish ).

One wedding, one divorce (?) and nearly a funeral… it all happens, doesn’t it….?

Russ gig rating – 8/10

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