Since my thinking has returned to ( close to ) normal, I have no explanation for my few month lapse in brain power.
Ive just had the results back from an antibody blood test that I paid for, which said I had not had COVID.
I’d put my brain fog down to Long COVID… but evidently it’s not that, and in any case it’s pretty much gone.

Hopefully my usual level of ( hilarious ) posts will resume before long?! 😳😂

Tbh if I had contracted it it could only have been from online date(s) pre Lizzy… as I just haven’t been close enough to anyone else since this all began.
Mind you I suppose I could have had it in say March… and not had symptoms… and then had Long COVID ( but you don’t normally have the combination of asymptomatic infection and them Long COVID ) and then lost all my antibodies…. well who knows!?

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