My weekend ..

Thanks so much to Berj for driving me back to Stoke Mandeville tonight. 

Dani hates the drive and has been doing it for far too long, bless her. 
It’s poorly lit and invariably raining. 
Loved seeing Clair Mason ( from America ) plus Bret, Carol and Rory today. Rory bought my faithful bike today, relieving me of another part of my old life. Ah well..
Last night we, Larry and Sarah, Pia and Debs and Neal, Al and Wendy went to Richmond Theatre to a gig – the Counterfeit Stones ( better than the real thing ) Rolling Stones tribute band. 
Been seeing them for 20 years – always a brilliant night. 
I saw a lot of mates there from years gone by – all of them came and chatted to me – I could see some of them found it    tough to see me reduced to my current condition. Don’t worry, the only way is up..
( Encoded message for Sue Coggins SIDGMCO ) – work that one out if you can!
Slept badly though afterwards, not sure why, but then lay awake feeling depressed for hours, though by 8 am I seem to have perked up a bit. 
Eva, a lovely friend and incidentally Pia’s Mum,  cooked us the most fabulous dinner for Saturday night – which was big enough to feed me on Sunday too. 
Thanks Eves! It was truly delicious. 
Friday I spent most of with  my ever loyal Uni buddy, Charlie Perkins, who sat with me here in hospital for 4 hours, then drove me to Acton to meet Cherie for a massage. It all took a lot longer than it ought to have done, so big thanks to Charlie, freshly jet lagged from Hong Kong – top effort C Man. 
I may leave here in a few weeks, though our house isn’t suitable to live in properly – as in I can’t get into a loo or a bathroom  – tricky decision : stay here in appropriate facilities or go home and be a bit of a nuisance and smell progressively worse..
We do have a hosepipe and a hot tap in the garden. Maybe that’s the answer. 
Any volunteers to hose me down in the mornings? Might suit mums on way home from school run… 
And yes, I am serious!

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