My weekend…

And what a weekend it is…..

Being confined to a chair hasn’t really slowed down my social calendar… Dani has seen to that.  
Sitting by the fire with a blanket over my knees ( surely what disabled people do..? ) is not an option. 
Thank God. 
Dinner on Friday with Dan, Sas, Rick, Cal and Lou was a blast. 
Having 6 people all far more drunk than me looking after me was an experience. 
Thankfully we got a taxi home. 
Twickenham yesterday was my first taste of life in the wheelchair section of an organised event. 
Believe me, you’ve absolutely no idea just how many ‘unfortunates’ there are. 
Some of us were those with birth defects, others, like me, with acquired. 
All human beings that suffered a misfortune, that society does its best to help. 
I’m not comfortable with life like this yet. 
I’m an athlete, a success, a leader…. hard to be any of those at this time. 
I know I’ll get emails telling me to shut up but I’m telling you how I feel. 
I’m not morbidly depressed or anything ( after all, England didn’t win 😉 but Christ I’m sad about it!
Anyway Larry ensured we had a laugh and I also saw Chris, Caroline, Pete, Charlie, Mark and his fab son in the bar inside the ground after the game. Everyone went out of their way to make sure I was ok, and therefore I was!
Dani dropped us, and picked us up, making life easier. She does everything so uncomplainingly, when I know I’m a pain in the arse (albeit not intentionally). Her love continues to be unconditional and demonstrated at all times. I’m in awe of her more than ever before. 
Larry and Sarah came back to ours, and drank their usual quota. Again I was certainly the most sober adult in the house. 
After the girls got back from hockey today we played Balderdash – the game of bullshitting – which of course I won ( what does that say about me ). Funny couple of hours though. 
Then I saw Cherie for more therapy, went home for Laura’s delicious salmon dinner ( hand delivered!) , then at 6 Dani brought me back here. 
The guy next to me is currently snoring his loaf off, and I seem to have lost bladder control. Great. 
The joys of hospital life. 
Wish I was you. 

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