My week.

It’s been a bit of a full week.

Hours of physio and posture in the chair assessment on Monday, accompanied by my lovely former student, Arti, who now lives too far away, in Singapore..

So good to see her for the whole day

Tuesday, work ( good productive day ), followed by my first post accident curry with Debs n Neal.

Thankfully the following morning was NOT a toilet nightmare.

Wednesday, my great mate Roy, and I went to the tennis at Queens ( there’s posh ). Ringside seats in the wheelchair section – saw Andy Murray playing, amongst others.. A 120 mph serve got me right in the crutch , and I felt nothing…another advantage of spinal cord injury there…

We saw  a few girls we knew there, most notably Angela and Debbie, and probably drank more than we planned to, in the blazing sun.

Yesterday I went with Julie to meet and listen to Claire Lomas at the London Excel centre, at a Neurological Expo. Claire is a lovely lady, and a good laugh. We swapped wheelchair stories and had lunch together.

A year ago, would that have been a likely way to spend the day? I don’t think so..but it was fun, and very interesting.

Given the Expo title and the national venue, it was bloody hard to find a disabled loo though – shocking really.

Today I spend 2 hours with Cliff, trying to ‘offload’ loads of my shed contents that I can no longer use…then hours of physio, then a rather big night out to ‘celebrate’ my whole year of paralysis.

Ill try  to smile as the clock strikes 12.

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  1. Russ will be thinking of you as the clock strikes midnight and we will celebrate another whole year that, thanks to God (and of course your true superman grit), we have been able to share with you. Can’t wait to see you all on Sunday. xxxx

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