My week.

So having been henceforth condemned to the carrying around of an Epipen for ever, in case of fatal exposure to a hazlenut, I have also succumbed to yet another urinary tract infection.

If you don’t have an injury to the spinal cord I would imagine that it’s quite uncomfortable. For me, it’s more complicated.

1. My bladder just releases pee at intervals of about half an hour.

2. I am in internal distress all the time

3. My legs spasm and twitch constantly

4. My lower left back does too.

5. In self catheterising to release urine, (instead of it just spurting out), my legs and back spasm violently, knocking me over in bed.

I can’t say that it’s much fun. I’ve slept really badly, and am constantly trying to clean myself up.

I try to stay positive but it’s not easy.

Yet more drugs will resolve this.

I take more tablets in a week now than I took in a lifetime pre injury.

And I really don’t like it.

I do hope that my trip to the States next Saturday leads to something. There is absolutely no guarantee, but God, I am crossing my fingers.


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