My thoughts.

My right nipple is swollen and sore.

I had the same happen to my left one 3 years ago. It was like that for ages, and that muscle has never been the same since – it’s as though part of the pectoral muscle stopped existing, never to return. Now it’s happening to my right side.

One of these days, I’m sure something good will happen to me….

The terrorist attack on Saturday happened just yards away from where I stayed for months in the autumn, and for 10 days only last month. I’d go to the front courtyard of Southwark cathedral, where there was a cafe. Pia was the last person to meet me there, and we had a cup of coffee. Had the attack happened then, and someone like Pia had been indiscriminately stabbed, then to me it have highlighted (even more than it does already) the sheer evil and wrongness of what the terrorists are doing.

I’m very proud of those that fought back, fought the Good Fight, the young guy that waded in, using his skateboard as a weapon, the martial arts guy that got as many blows in as possible, before being stabbed. I find the scenario running through my head. What chance would I have had? I’m sure that I’d have been a target, as much as anyone else, the wheelchair making no difference, it not inducing any sense of guilt.  I’d have weighed up the situation quite unemotionally, I think. My motorised chair at high speed would do a lot of damage to a man, and a knife wouldn’t have saved him. I’m sure that I’d have died for my actions, but I think I’d have died if I’d done nothing too, so I’d have made the right call.

As it is, I’m very relieved that no one I know and love was killed as a direct consequence of being there because I was there.

I hate these people with a passion, as I’m sure everyone reading this does.

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  1. 3 Godolphin girls were caught up in Saturday night (6th form). One of whom was stabbed, thankfully she is recovering in hospital. Too bloody close for comfort

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