My mind..

Before my injury, i was a little bit obsessed with always proving myself… to myself.

Never being satisfied with anything physically that I achieved was how it always was, in my head.

Not ‘ softening up’ was always there, in my head, and to that end I’d invariably wear too few clothes in cold weather, in my kayak, in the rain, or on my bike, or whilst skiing – just to make myself suffer the unpleasantness, and beat it.

I still have that ( silly ) objective. Now it manifests itself as not wearing a hat or gloves when I’m out in my chair… my hands can be so cold that they hurt quite a lot, yet I don’t put on the warm(ish) gloves that I have in my pocket… or the thin woolly hat that is in my other pocket.

And I do genuinely get a sense of achievement from doing that.

Yes, I’m a bit weird.

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