My God…

The blog got 1,973 hits yesterday. 

That’s the most in a day. 
I don’t log in to the stats bit very often, but am always prepared to be surprised when I do. 
What it doesn’t tell me is whether it’s a 100 people logging in 19 times a day, or whether it actually represents 1,973 different people having a look. 
Not that it really matters to me.. 🙂
Today I learnt, or had my first lesson in, getting pants and socks on, all by myself, whilst in bed. 
Yep, you’ve really gotta start all over again. 
Yesterday I started ‘self catheterisation’. 
Success means NOT continually having a bag of wee strapped to your leg, into which your bladder drains…. Instead I now control when and where I ‘go’ by forevermore taking with me a couple of vac packed sterile catheters. 
Ah, the unseen glamour of my new existence is never ending. 
Physio was mainly stretching my contracted hamstrings and medial leg muscles so I can chuck them about a bit more, to get them into cars etc. Having 
realised the importance of flexibility, it’ll become part of my daily bedtime routine. 
Today my ‘oldest’ school friend came to see me. Mike Jenkins and I were inseparable aged 6, in Griffithstown Infants School. 
We’ve drifted apart here and there over the years, what with Uni, moving to different parts of the country, getting married etc, but have seen eachother regularly for about 10 years now. In school Mike had a terrible habit of pulling the girls that I fancied…. 
He was essentially far smoother than me ( Christ, who wasn’t?! ) and had long curly hair.
 My hair was cut by my mother until I was 15, and bless her, Vidal Sassoon she wasn’t. 
Although it probably saved my parents hundreds of pounds over the years, the Dawkins Boys hairstyles were a source of amusement for our schoolmates for a painfully long time. Alwyn was the first to go to an actual hairdressers, aged about 15 ( Alwyn, not the hairdresser ), and I followed suit about a year later. 
I’d go so far as to say it led to a change of fortunes with the girls…..
So any amateur home haircutting mums reading this take heed, it can seriously impede your offsprings’ chances of finding a partner. 
My partner at work, Helen, came today too. It’s been tricky for her, losing my input to our business for the last 4 months. 
The good news is that I fully intend resuming my career as soon as I can get showered, get dressed, have breakfast and get into a car (stowing my wheelchair in the back) down to a fine art… For a bloke that has just learnt to get his socks on, that seems like a country mile away… But I’m sure  the rate of progress will snowball… 
Watch this space. 

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