My friends make all the difference.

Bloody brilliant to spend a day with my school buddy, Neil, after not seeing the crazy b****** for only 29 years. He drank pints of proper beer to my pints of shandy ( all day ) and I still felt rough the next day, so not sure how he must have been.

Like me, Neil’s not been so lucky with his health, and isn’t properly mobile. We resorted to him sitting his 14 stone on my lap, along with bags and a walking stick, and the whole 28 stones of us being powered along by my single wheel motor. Not ideal, but it worked, and we even finished the day watching a great band, The Brakes.  Thanks to Maddie for the invite, and to Veronica for her help back. A former nurse appearing when you least expect it,  comes in handy it would seem…

Thanks to Damo and Sal for inviting Pia and I to a Hen Party in Southampton… on Saturday night. The last Hen Party I went to was actually Pia’s, where I had the dubious honour of being the barely dressed waiter.  This weekend I obviously wasn’t, but nonetheless managed to at least contribute by suggesting very inappropriate games .. well, a Hen Party isn’t supposed to be dull, is it?

Thanks to Damo, Sal and Pia for looking after me extremely well, though I did actually manage to drive my car there and back. After 9 months of not driving at all, it actually felt pretty exciting, although I’d never have been able to get  into a car by myself, just not being able to get my legs in at all without significant assistance. That’s how it’s always going to be from now on, so I accept it and still appreciate the fact that once behind the wheel, I can at least do that part, and it enables me to visit more of the Good People.

Look at the positives, right?

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