My first SuperBowl.

Well I did watch one 20 years ago in the Hogarth Club in Chiswick, but I was so pissed by the time it started, I may as well have not been there.

So.. Last night at the McCarthy’s – I saw the whole thing ( and sober ).
It lasts a few hours, the crowd goes crazy, the players are big mofu’s for sure, the food was plentiful, the company was lovely.

I can’t see the game catching on, outside America.
Not enough space, not enough free running.
They’ve got the right shaped ball but they need to make it a bit bigger, lose the helmets and pads, and get 15 players on each side.

Then it might start to get exciting.

6 Nations starts on Friday, and John’s found me a friend and found an Irish bar that’s showing Wales vs England.

Now that’ll be more like it!

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