My day.

Home tomorrow , after hydrotherapy. 

My cherished daughter, Amber, is unwell. 
She has a high temperature and has been sick a few times. 
God I wish I could be there for her, to hold her tight and comfort her. It makes me feel so helpless and absent. 
More gym today. Went on a different machine to give me an aerobic arm and trunk workout. She said do 15 minutes so I did 40 minutes. Breathing heavily doesn’t really work as I don’t currently have the lung capacity, so it was a kinda controlled breathing workout, avoiding gasping in effect. Then I moved on to lateral pull downs. I was managing about 10 kg more than on Monday, which is a pretty bloody big change in only 3 days. 
That makes me think that really I’m going through a ‘ muscle reawakening ‘ process, as I surely can’t have put on significant muscle mass in that short a time. Anyway, either way it’s good news!
I got a new wheelchair too today, as the other was a bit buggered really. 
It seems a bit easier to control and they’ve lowered the back rest making me more able to sit up without resting my arms so much on my thighs. I’m not sure how much better I’ll get at moves like that, as it may be that my nerve connections just don’t allow it. We’ll see anyway. 
Roxanne came today. We did Devizes to Westminster canoe race about 6 yrs ago together, and despite only ONE pre race paddle together in the same boat, finished the race about 7th overall and 1st in the mixed crew division. At one point mid race in a portage over a lock near Reading, I got dazzled by a torch light and ran straight into the deep Thames. I remember that for the next hour or so I shook with cold, padding hard in the boat to try to generate body heat. It worked  and we finished strongly some 10 hours later, just after Big Ben and near the Millenium Wheel. 
My old cycling partner, Jonny, pedalled from Chiswick to see me too, arriving in full Lycra. I’ll have to get one of those arm powered bikes before long and give him a run for his money, just like old times. 
They’re very low down and you pretty much lie horizontal  in the thing. They seem to come with a flag pole attached to the back seat so that you’re visible to traffic too ( probably for the best, given my recent form )
Other than the obvious Welsh dragon, all flag suggestions welcome..
I have to say that I feel for cyclists’ safety so much more now. It’s sic a vulnerable way to travel, on today’s roads. 
When I think of the unnecessary risks I used to take quite regularly to get to places a little quicker, it makes me feel so  idiotic. Any of you cyclists out there could befall my fate ( or worse )  so very easily. 
Please learn from my accident – if in doubt slow down and err on the side of caution. Unless you’re in a serious race and superstardom is the prize, is the risk really worth it?
On a lighter note, the party plans gather pace and the guest list is swelling day by day. Please don’t all try to buy me a drink ,or I’ll die. 
I had alcoholic poisoning when I was a student, and it’s not great. Dani looked after me that night! 
Having it a wheelchair would be a lot worse, and Dani’s probably not keen on the idea, understandably. 
I’m now gonna watch a bit of Thursday night TV. Not being a TV watcher before really, it’s not a transformation I intend going through now, so I’ll coincide it with another ‘iron arms’ bedtime workout. 
Ok, here goes..

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