My attempt at getting myself organised.

So I think I’ll be in Louisville, Kentucky from January 26th through to late June – a whole five months.

I should have a room with another small ‘living area’ with a sofa bed in.

So… If anyone wants to come and visit me, they can!

My brother suggested trying to be organised about this ( in the hope that someone in the world might be interested ), so here goes.

So on the basis that anyone coming knows me well enough to know my mobile number or email address, then please get in touch.

I think I’m going to be allowed a week off from March 14 – 23rd, so I’ll be home that week, but all the rest of the time as far as I know, except for maybe 13-20 th of February, I’ll be very grateful for the company…

Go on, knock yourself out..


2 thoughts on “My attempt at getting myself organised.

  1. Do you have any intentions of taking up a hobby while you’re in Kentucky? It’s the home of bluegrass music, isn’t it? Can you play the guitar? Is it time to learn?

    Equally importantly, will Alwyn be taking you skiing during those ‘days off’ in February?

    1. Hi Lisa,

      No skiing… But I’ll defo look to improve my French, maybe learn Spanish, do more eye related studying too.
      Plus maybe watch every film on Netflix….

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