Much of the Same.

Below is the latest from Maman Jenni.  I spoke to ‘France’ today and Russ’s tracheotomy is still preventing him from talking despite the deflation of the balloon contraption.  Hopefully he will have the trachy for only a few more day and then he will just be reliant on an oxygen mask.  Dani has taken an A3 card and some post it notes spelling the alphabet back out to France with her so Russ can spell out what he wants to say but I gather that Russ is finding it easier relying on others lip reading skills!  Apparently Russ’s eyes do not leave his girls when they are visiting and his face lights up when they are there.
Russ’s wonderful parents left a couple of days ago.  They were on holiday in Canada when the accident happened and flew back to London as soon as they could get on a flight.  When they reached London they couldn’t get a flight to Marseille for a day or so, so they drove home to Wales, had a shower and a sandwich and an hour later they started the very long car journey (15 hours) from Cardiff to Toulon by car! (Having already been up for 48 hours!) They have been in France ever since and have attended every visiting time – complete Stalwarts.  They have returned briefly to Wales knowing that Russ is now out of the woods for the first time in 3 1/2 weeks.


Dear All
Russ has had a very quiet day so not a lot to report. Apparently, he had a lively night and early morning. He looked very relaxed and comfortable tho'. As he was so sleepy, Dan suggested that we take the girls to a beach that was accessed by a little ferry. It was great and we all swam and the girls loved it. Dani gave Russ a manicure tonight as his has were very chapped and now they look very smart. So that's all really.
Love to you all as usual.
Jenni x

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