More sense!

Sorry to hear of your experience in the pool yesterday but not in the least surprised. Health and Safety ,in so many instances, has done away with ordinary good old common sense.  Regrettably , so many of those responsible for drawing up H and S rules were and are totally lacking in common sense. Some years ago a good friend who you know (but whose name I will not put into print), rang me and asked me if I would do a day’s kayak instruction on the local reservoir. When I arrived to do the instruction with a crowd of primary school kids, he asked me to “keep it quiet” because I was no longer qualified . My very stringent B.C.U.Instructors Certificate was out of date and had been replaced by an NVQ. My 30 years of taking children on rivers and seas without a single incident were of no avail. It turned out that none of his present crop of instructors could perform an Eskimo roll and one of them could only just manage to swim 25 yards. My mate told me that it worried him to death and today he would be able to sit back and relax for once. There are so many examples of total idiocy regarding H and S that my way around it is to try hard to completely ignore it or, if I am in a situation where I have no choice but to take notice, be as bloody awkward as I can and take the piss out of anyone available.
Maybe we can arrange it for me to come up and come to the pool with you and bollocks to the lifeguard and his pathetic rules.
Love, Dad

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