More Messages from lovely peeps

All the lovely peeps that turned up at the hospital today to greet Russ on his trip outside….that didn’t actually take place….(sorry!)….made a video of themselves singing Russ ‘Happy Birthday’ outside the hospital doors.  I intend to post the video but am not enough of a techno to do it….so sorry, watch this space though.  🙂  xxx

Gerry and Karena

Debbie and Neal and Portugal Peeps
Trudy Kirchner
Dear Russ
We are thinking of you today.  May your birthday wishes come true and you have the wonderful day with your 3 beautiful girls you have looked forward to.  So long as you have each other everything else is going to be just fine (that and your unique charm and sense of humour of course).  Our very best wishes for today and the year ahead love Trudy, Richard, Jack and Luke xxxx

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