I’ve been watching telly all night. 

I never watch TV really – but God, it’s good for distracting you from the reality of life – I’ve just discovered. 
What happens when I turn it off?
Got a new room mate. Gotta be the only guy called Earl who’s not black?
Really nice man. Fell off his bike, like me, but the year before. 
I thought I was in a mess til I saw how unlucky he is. He’s smiling and glad to be  alive. 
At least on the outside. 
I’ll try my very best to be the best room mate he could wish for. 

3 thoughts on “Monday.

  1. Ahhh – you are so thoughtful – earl and you will become best buddies – I just know it ! Hope you caught ‘benefit street’ very profound viewing I thought – a great distraction from reality – I feel positively blessed x love you and the blog x

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