Monday the 9th

I can tell that having a chair that now goes pretty fast has brought my reckless side back.

Still not sure of where exactly I stand legally, I’m pushing the boundaries a little.

A. 3 am ride back after Pia’s brilliant party, with my friend Julie on my lap was, let’s say, amusing.

There’s very little traffic on the roads at that time, certainly far less than there was today on the ride into Kensington ( also in the pouring rain ). Big thanks to Marky P for his outrider biking skills alongside me tonight.

But Mark… where were you at 3am on Saturday night?!  I thought Julie was going to die laughing during the 6 mile ride home… and we didn’t get out of top gear..

My stand up chair is certainly better at parties, until people move about- and that’s what they do, obviously – at which point they may as well have disappeared… as I can’t then turn around .

Post RGS, I now know a lot more about space and satellites than I did this morning. The whole satellite thing is very cool, and has changed human lives for ever, hugely.

The speaker, from a space company called Catapult, showed a mock up video of how the world might be in 2030 ( not long from now )  – and lots of stuff had changed! And it all seemed very feasible.  E.g. Jumping in the driverless car, which just picks you up and takes you to your destination, and collects you, and whilst in it you are totally connected to everyone and everything that you choose to be.

Was it exciting to see those advances?

No, not really, but..

Earthlings…… get ready for it!




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