Monday the 18th.

Today is the last chance to train ( indoors ) on my arm bike before it goes off in the van with Pistol Pete to Portugal, with all the other bikes, so I’ll do a couple of hours on it, and watch a film whilst arm pedalling.

This last week Ive actually been invited, and attended, 2 social occasions from ‘ my Old Life’, also attended by my Ex wife and Pringle. In the iBot I am at ‘ normal’ height and mobile, so it makes a massive difference to my ability to interact with other people. Thanks to Jo for coming with me to Larry’s birthday party, and thanks for the invite, and thanks to Clair and Charlie as well. As it was a surprise party for Clair and I was asked to find a curry house for 20 guests, I did phone around. Obviously my opening question was ‘ is it wheelchair accessible?’  Eventually I found one that apparently was.  I thought I’d just check by going past it on Saturday afternoon, and was a bit surprised to see a step, then a narrow door, then a right angled turn, then 2 very narrow steps up to the dining area. There was absolutely no way that the iBot would get past all that, so I went in my regular chair and was lifted up the steps, it being yet another premises to illegally not have any kind of ramp…. thanks to Jerry and Cliff for the lift up, and down again afterwards, and to Pia for helping me with loo doors a couple of times. The loo doors  were not actually  wide enough to get my chair through, but I just had to make do, as is so often the case.

Jo and I went to a great gig on Friday. A man called Marc Bolan from a band called T Rex crashed his car and died 40 years previously to the day, on Friday. They were a really good band from the era of Glam Rock, and his death was a fairly notable event at the time. I don’t remember it, as I was a kid and Glam Rock hadn’t reached Wales ( obviously ) Blokes in make up and spangly clothes would never have been allowed over the Severn Bridge, for a start.

Anyway, all sorts of famous musicians turned up to celebrate his life. His songs were sung by Marc Almond ( from Soft Cell ), Steve Harley ( from Cockney Rebel ) and Holly Johnson ( from Frankie goes to Hollywood ) – all really big stars from the past. For once, I was probably one of the youngest people at a gig, as most fans there were probably teenage fans of   T Rex when Marc Bolan died at just 29. Jo looked so underage that I’m surprised they even let her buy a drink at the bar.

The iBot seems to create such a stir sometimes, which is how it should be, and I had all sorts of people talking to me about it, some in almost complete wonder. I now go on buses in it too, so my radius of iBot travel has grown.  I can’t take it to Portugal, as it would almost certainly get damaged in transit in the hold of a plane, so not worth that risk. It’s too good to risk losing, having changed my life a fair bit these past few weeks.

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