Monday night lecture.

Aside from getting very cold on the way back, I enjoyed the visit to the RGS.

‘The speaker, the Renowned yachtsman Conrad Humphreys describes his team’s re-creation of one of the greatest voyages ever – Captain Bligh’s 4,000 mile journey – in a replica open boat, with similar rations and traditional equipment’  the website said, and it was fairly true. The différence was that they were always within 200 metres of a rescue ship, and were helped whenever they got into trouble, which for me changes the complexion a fair bit, but perhaps I’m being harsh… or I thought perhaps I was until Conrad mentioned that back in 1789, most of Bligh’s boat mates died within weeks of reaching their destination….. somewhat proving that they had it a fair bit harder than in the re-creation?  Also Conrad admitted that he hadn’t found it very hard himself, something that I doubt those that survived to make it back ultimately to England would have said.

My mysterious night sweats continue, last night yet again. Perhaps it’s just that I now drink so much water every day, it has no option other than to pour through my skin once I’m horizontal?

Tomorrow, as well as my now daily gym visit and legal endeavours, I go to a gig in a pub a few miles away. Bus travel now  being my conveyance of choice, I’m becoming fairly familiar with bus numbers. I’m not sure why everyone doesn’t go by bus, at least for some journeys, as it’s all so accessible to pretty much everyone, in London at least.

Without having been injured, i dont think that I’d ever have discovered that?

2 thoughts on “Monday night lecture.

  1. Hi Russ, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Mutiny and had enormous respect for the participants. I’d literally have managed 50 minutes of rough seas before begging to be taken off.
    Busses: freedom pass. Liberating. But they should be means tested/based on council tax.
    PS maybe your night sweats are due to the male menopause.

    1. Yeah, they did ok I guess, for a bunch of Softies.
      Means test the bus pass? I can’t reach the zapper anyway – reach test instead ?

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