Monday, I think.

Massively blocked up and bloating, all over again.

I did get transferred onto a table, strapped firmly on, and then tilted slowly to upright.
I ‘ stood’ for about 20 mins, before I got too light headed.
It’s been many months since I’ve been upright, it causing crazy spasms.

Today no spasms though, and it will ‘ aid my constipation ‘ – though not yet..

12 hours sleep in 4 days.
The General anaesthetic messes your sleep up – I am tired, for sure, but I don’t sleep.
It’s not something that bothers me, as I have far worse problems, but it makes the days long, tho shorter today through having 3 people visit – Toby, then Cherie, then Mary.

I did watch that film, Inglorious Bastards, last night, and wondered how I’d managed to not see it before.

If you like Tarantino, then you’ll like this.

But you’ve probably already seen it!

It helps if you’re not a fan of the Nazi regime.

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