Monday February 10th 2014.

Last night I was taken out by Robbie and Neil, 2 of the lads from my ill fated cycle trip to France. 

We had a good night, and a great dinner. 
They talked about the trip, after I’d been helicoptered away. 
There was a ‘debate’ about whether they should carry on or not, my crash on Day 1 leaving 2 days to go. 
Should they drink, laugh and have a good time, knowing that my life was in the balance just a few miles away?
They went with the view that I would have wanted them to continue on the ride as planned, and to have a good time doing it. 
That was the right call. I’d not have wanted them to go home, to miss the reason they’d come. 
If it had been one of them, I’d have ‘voted’ to finish the ride, do all the steep climbs, sweat my way through it. 
I’d have gone very slowly on the descents though, as I’m sure they did, one calamity being enough. 
Great to see you boys, as it was seeing Roy – another great mate and rider – who brought me back here on Sunday – FOR THE LAST TIME on a wet, dark Sunday night. 
Thanks for your ongoing love and support, fellas. It means a lot to me. 

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