Monday evening.

I’ve had the most complex night of my life so far, I think.

I have so many concurrent problems in my life, that they ought overwhelm me, and indeed 6 weeks ago would have done.

I can see myself in court for 3 different reasons, trying to establish my right to justice, all of which I’ll win, but none of which will be a cause for happiness.

The happiness, somewhat bizarrely, I have already.

People keep asking me what different medication I’m on. The answer is that I’m not on anything more than I have been for many months, other than some extras for my spasms, which haven’t gone away in any case, despite my 4 crazily extensive operations. I’m on the second smallest dose of Sertraline, as are probably a significant proportion of Britain.

In my career as an optometrist, it never ceased to amaze me how many people were on antidepressants – I’d always say ‘ they look like they’re working, as you seem very cheerful to me’ , which always got a laugh.

My career has been on standstill for quite a while now, for reasons I cannot go into, but I’m confident that I shall return.

I’m definitely not into quitting.

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