Monday and Tuesday.

So many lovely visitors in just 2 days. 

I’ll try to list them:
Cherie, Mary, Ruth, Tim, Noah, Sonal, Prab, Jas, Ina, Catherine , Ali, Mitul, Ed, Claire and Lisa. 
What can I say, other than thank you for caring enough to come. 
I’ve had more to eat these last 2 days than I do in a typical week… 
I tried a Mountain Trike today – google it – cross between a wheelchair and a mountain bike really. Allows me to pretty much go anywhere: beach, mud, grass, rocky terrain… it would mean I could watch the girls play sport on fields, go on ‘walks’ cross country, train on the Thames towpath, you name it. 
Added to my wish list, it would drastically increase my ‘freedom’. 
We’ve sussed that if I wear a mask and snorkel, I can swim for a few minutes. 
As I’m officially ‘negatively bouyant’, I sink like a bloody brick. 
With that in mind I was taken to the Guttman leisure centre today. 
After being hoisted into the pool with mask on, I was told ‘you can’t wear that, it’s against health and safety ‘
I explained that without it I was in danger of simply drowning, and asked the lifeguard to stay close to me. 
‘Cant do that, have to stand the other side of the pool’ was the response. 
Has the world gone mad?
Next week they are going to do a ‘risk assessment ‘ on the mask and snorkel. 
Is it just me….?

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