I went arm biking today.

Thanks to Jeremy, Sam, Sanjay and Roy for lifting me into it, as well as Stella. As my back is now ramrod straight and the seat of the bike is curved, I don’t fit properly anymore – there’s a big gap behind my back, in the middle, and loads of pressure on my neck, shoulders and sacrum, lots of which is bad news for me, and liable to induce pressure sores that I can’t even tell I’m getting. The fellas adjusted the back rest and Stella put padding in the gaps, to spread the pressure, which seemed to work – or at least I didn’t get pressure sores. I did get a big hole in my left shin where a metal lever was rubbing against me, and again had zero idea, as I can’t feel anything.

The worst bit was how breathless I got really quickly. My last outing I did a hundred miles in France, and I was ok. Today I did 15 miles and I really struggled to breathe. Am I just incredibly unfit, or is it to do with my metalwork and my different position? I don’t know, and it’s not like I can just hop out to tweak things to see if they make it better. It’s very frustrating, all of it. I have a month to go until I go to Portugal with the Toulon 12 for a 3 day ride. At current fitness/ positioning, ive got no chance, so I need a drastic training regime, starting tomorrow. I go to the gym every day, and am very strong, or at least the  few muscles that work are, but my breathing seems so awful. Anyway, I’ll see how I go.

Ive been to see my old buddy in hospital again. Variously he’s not been sure who I am, remembered everything about me,  thought I was his private doctor and asked me to go into business with him. All par for the course, right? He’s been really smiley though, most of the time, which is brilliant. I don’t want to see him in distress, but that wouldn’t prevent me from visiting, obviously. I am well acquainted with distress, after all.

I saw my 2 daughters today. One has just returned from Reading Festival ( I was able to help by packing everything that a person could possibly need at a festival, and giving it to her, for which she was very grateful ) and the other has had her eyebrows tinted almost black. She hadn’t heard of Groucho Marx, but now I’ve brought him to her attention, she is doing impersonations of him… with a pretend cigar. I’d post a video, but she wouldn’t be happy!

Lovely to see Clair and Charlie, and my Godson Freddie, and Nicola H too, on different occasions. Marky P and Cherie of course, too.

I have some lovely friends.



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