Back in the flat today at about 3. Very strange to be here at first tbh. It does look quite different without the stuff that’s gone, and felt different without my daughters here.

Francesca, my looker afterer, arrived at 9pm, by which time I’d gone out with Marky P to a science lecture. F*** me, neither of us are non scientific, but there’s a bloody limit to how advanced a Quantum Physics talk in a pub should be. I did try to keep my mind open, but the layman’s explanation never arrived, after an hour. I don’t know how much everyone else understood, but it was seriously Lost On Me.

We had the opportunity to ask questions, but I didn’t. Had I done, it would have been along the lines of ‘ have you had difficulty finding a girlfriend?’

Sour ( quantum ) grapes, yes?

Today my stomach has bloated up to an unacceptable amount, and I don’t know why. I thought the stoma might stop all that.. but perhaps not?

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