Monday 7am.

I slept for 2 hours, then woke up and watched the fireworks in America from 2am til 4am.
Then I slept on and off til 6.30, when the nurse yet again woke me up for ‘ observations’ – that’s taking my blood pressure, pulse rate and temperature, it taking about 10 minutes, with all the lights on, and I have to swallow approximately 7 tablets each time and drink a sachet of various supplements/ drugs. It does wake me up fully, every time.

The bed has been on a tilt all night to help my lungs drain, and I’ve had the nasal oxygen supply all the time.

As per my re- ermergence, I remain upbeat.

To that end, I only want visitors who can demonstrate positivity.
If I can, then surely they can? But you’d be surprised!

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