• A message from a cool guy I’ve not seen for years, that I did a team race ( 5 days ) about 7 years ago..


Seems a hell of a lot has changed since we were thrown together on remote scottish island!

Sorry to hear about the accident and to read that you are going through a particularly difficult time with it.

I realise that we only met for a short time and that I am surely not the best person to comment etc but I am sure you will get through it stronger. What I will always remember about you from that difficult week is not (just) the athletic performance but the fact that while the rest of us were falling apart mentally not only did you keep us together but it didn’t seem to phase you and you cracked on regardless. Not only that but you always did with great banter too. Without that I am sure it wouldn’t have been remotely as enjoyable as it was…. Plus Quentin may have not made it back alive as we would have surely killed him.

Easier said that done Russ but hope you can dig deep and find some of that same character,spirit and resolve I am sure you will be OK, Just forget about the scottish sheep shagging bit!


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