Having gone to Oxford to see a band ( and my girlfriend ) I was surprised to find that in the O2 Academy Oxford there was absolutely no strategy for wheelchair users… it’s quite hard to see anything when everyone in the venue is standing up except you …

Blimey, yet another email sent then.

Well if you don’t point it out and complain then nothing will change will it?

Cast, the band, were really upbeat and good- like all the bands I’ve seen from Liverpool.

7/10 for Cast and definitely worth the trip.

2/10 for the O2 Academy.

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  1. Good grief, in Oxford??? It’s not like it’s Theatr PoptyPing in Upper Cwm Scwt, is it? (Though in fact, most of the theatres I know in Wales have excellent facilities for people in wheelchairs.) If the Congress Theatre in Cwmbran can do it, why the hell can’t a major music venue in a major British city?
    Name and shame, mate. And if they need help, tell them to ring The Congress, out here in the sticks.

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