Mission Possible


I literally was Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible  when I arrived at London City Airport this morning; I was armed with a coterie of  iPads, iPods, iPhones (all generations – as am too much of a techno moron to know what is now obsolete and what is still current so thought I’d just grab the lot), a kindle,  a “pay as you go ” mobile handset and a travel-DVD player. Basically, every communication/entertainment device known to mankind. All because “Monsieur” is keen to get his hands on his gadgetry (not intended to be a euphemism for anything rude by the way…..).

Bearing in mind the last time I saw Russ (6 days ago), he was face-down in an induced coma, it was truly brilliant to see him awake and sitting upright. He seems to have mastered the feat of very successfully communicating by “mouthing words” (with pen & paper back-up when needed) and so we chatted endlessly for 4 hours. He outwitted me a couple of times during the evening (yeah, I know, not hard….) so any earlier concerns regarding potential brain damage have completely subsided.

We had a chat with the very charming  (middle-age woman speak for “tasty” :-s ) Dr Bordes and he is still currently of the view that Russ should be OK to be repatriated by air ambulance either Wednesday or Thursday this coming week. He will go straight into intensive Care at London Bridge Hospital to continue treatment of his respiratory issues which still require him to remain on the ventilator. I was assured that these issues are improving albeit slowly. 

The only issue of immediate concern is Russ’s hair. He is currently sporting a “70’s porn-style” look. Not his finest look…..

Love Danielle xxxx 

3 thoughts on “Mission Possible

  1. Thinking of you all loads and loads (in fact can’t get enough of you).
    Sounds like the Frenchies have done a fab job and as for your Florence well words fail us…
    See you in London
    The Westys

  2. Hi Danni, thats great news. We will be there to welcome you back next week Russ
    I will bring trevor sorbie with me to sort out the mullet
    All our love. L and M xxxxx

  3. Brilliant news!

    Dani – Russ had a mullet throughout Uni which was when you stalked and pulled him!

    Russ – take the Ron Jeremy lookalike comment as a compliment – u actually looked more like him in Movember tho!

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