Message from Maman Jenni

Dear all
As you may remember, I sent a penultimate e mail before leaving Toulon but failed to send the ultimate one. Now seems a good time to do so as we are all hoping that Russ will be repatriated tomorrow.  Saying “goodbye” to Russ on the evening before I left Toulon was very sad and the next day was even more emotional saying ‘goodbye” to Dani.  I feel as if we have all been on a long journey with Russ, the inevitable ups and downs during the nearly seven weeks since he was admitted to ‘Hopital ste. Anne”.  His recovery from his most terrible injuries have, in part, been due to his strength and fortitude and to the unwavering, dedicated care he has received by doctors and nurses alike.  Also I think the love and enduring support of his family and friends have gone a very  long way in determining his recovery. Russ has been cocooned in love by his parents, brothers, in laws and many fantastic friends.
Now, Dani!  Danielle has behaved with enormous courage, dignity and and unwavering strength, in what must be every wife’s worst nightmare.  She has been amazing with their beautiful daughters, finding the strength, during the worst moments, to talk to them nightly on the phone, keeping their spirits raised whilst gently, little by little expressing the seriousness of their Daddy’s injuries.  When each in turn arrived to visit, they were both quite amazing with Russ, a true testament to their mother’s strength.
So now we shall have a new chapter when Russ is repatriated to London Bridge Hospital and I. for one, believe with all my heart that Russ will continue to amaze us all.  Bon courage, Russ, we all love you.
Lastly, for Stuart’s eyes only!!! Please note that this e mail was written mid morning hence no errors or over exuberance!!!!
Dear love to you all
Jenni xxx

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