Message from Dan.

Message from Dan 

– Now that Russ has paddled his way back from the River Styx and is showing extraordinary powers of recovery, the time has come to celebrate his survival in the manner he approves of most – physical suffering and the consumption of large amounts of alcohol.

 Russ and Dani have done the Spin-a-thon at the Hogarth since its beginning and from now on, this annual charity event will be re-named the Spine-a-thon, in aid of spinal charities. Russ’s suggestion. 

The event runs from 1800 Friday 18th – 1800 Saturday 19th October 2013. Those of you who would like to raise a bit of money by spinning for a minimum of one hour or even the full 24, if you’re that crazy, email me with your phone number and the unfortunate bastard that I delegate to organise the event will call you to organise a slot.

 Of course, there is no need to be a Member of the Hogarth to take part. Appropriately, we will have a hand-cranked bike that we will keep going for the full 24 hours.

 But before that , at 8pm on Friday 18th October, I would like to invite you all to an event some of us feared we might never see – a party featuring the great man himself.

 I’m sure it will be an emotional evening.

 Those of you who want to have a beer with Russ, please email me, so I know how many vol aux vents to order from Iceland…

 All the bar profits will go towards the charities, so the more you drink, the more they make. At some point during the evening I will make an announcement, no Russ and I aren’t getting married, whatever he says on his blog.

 …It’s something else.

 Dan White

 8pm Friday 18th October 

The Hogarth Health Club Airedale Avenue Chiswick W4 2NW 

Many types of Alcoholic Refreshment 



Russell Dawkins rsvp –

Please come, it’ll basically be a party, in aid of a great cause,  and I’m sure Russ will appreciate the attendance of each and every one of you that spares the time. 

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