• So I said to Wendy …

    Would you cut my hair ? Just take a centimetre off ( and pointed to the bits I meant.

    What Wendy HEARD …

    Can you cut all of my hair so that it’s all a centimetre l […]

  • Dominic Cummings…

    Drove to a castle to ‘ test his eyesight’ …You what?

    I’ve been an optometrist for 33 years. I can categorically say that in an eye examination I’ve never thought to ask ..

    ‘ so […]

  • So black African Americans are up in arms at the relaxing of lockdown measures. They are more likely to die from Covid 19 than their white counterparts. In Africa itself, black ( and most people there are ) […]

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    with no dentists open still, and tired of being the only redneck in Brentford, I explored the Make Your Own Replacement Tooth options out there. For about fifteen quid you can buy this plastic stuff […]

  • Russ wrote a new post, And she returned.. 2 weeks ago

    We agreed some compromises and adjustments.. you could say then that Wendy came back with my tail between her legs…..

    And she missed me ! Well I coulda told her she would..!

  • Russ commented on the post, And .. 2 weeks, 1 day ago

    Ha! Mmmm not exactly,..

  • Apparently 29 London bus drivers have died from Covid 19.

    That leaves about 2000 of the unhelpful f*****s to go.

  • Russ wrote a new post, And .. 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    And also I fixed this clock.. which hasn’t been working for 6 years.

    I bought it 30 years ago!

  • Russ wrote a new post, 2 weeks, 3 days ago

    Post break up is obviously a tricky time, so I’ve thrown myself into lots of exercise. A week in and actually it’s amazing how my ravaged body still somehow responds positively. Im using my arm crank for a hou […]

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    Becoming a dab hand at cutting my own hair ..

    No girlfriend to help, and a carer that is worried she’ll cut my ears off ( I think ) so I’ve no choice.

    Its THINNING SCISSORS that are the key. They sort of […]

  • Because I’m vulnerable and to save me going to the shops, I get a government food parcel every week.

    There’s a fair bit of stuff in it, and actually I give more than half to the local food bank, as I don […]

  • The degree of ‘incompetence’ can really only show one thing – that this government has actually given up on trying to contain Covid. The ‘ attempts to contain it ‘ are largely just posturings to give the impress […]

  • OK isn’t it?!

    I saw this gizmo in a park the other day and thought it might be good for my buddy, Leigh. He’s a proper tennis player, and all the clubs are closed, and he misses his tennis.

    I’m quite pleas […]

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    Wendy left the other day, as in for good. She didn’t approve, and couldn’t relate to, me having various online conversations with various people ( the only ones she actually objected to were the ones with fem […]

  • I can tell you, there are a lot of people with my condition that are worried at the moment. With no sign of a vaccine and the lockdown ( inevitably ) being removed, those with compromised health are very […]

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    A few countries would seem to have ( almost ) eliminated the virus from their societies. How did they manage that? Well they carried out mass testing, worked out exactly who had it and told them, then they used […]

  • Russ wrote a new post, Si si 1 month ago

    Today i was in Morrison’s, and saw a Mexican buying 10 paellas, piles of nachos, crates of sol and 20 sombreros.

    I thought to myself – what the fuck is he up to ? and then i realised that it was Hispanic b […]

  • Russ wrote a new post, Ffs 1 month, 1 week ago

    My daughter Lily socially distancing threw me a few little chocolate rock cakes over my fence the other day, having also gone to the pharmacy to collect medicines for me.

    There’s a reason they are called r […]

  • A clergyman has become the first person in America to die following on from Trump’s advice last night. His wife injected Domestos into his veins. She is now being charged with a Bleach of the Priest.

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