I played crazy golf 2 days ago – with Dani and the girls, and 2 of their friends.
I wasn’t a golfer pre injury, I’d had a go 3 times but it just didn’t do it for me. If something wasn’t physically tiring, then I just couldn’t get excited about it.
And it took so, so, so long….

Anyway, having no balance, and from a chair, I had to play one handed and with a half sized club, and half the time from from a very odd angle, not being able to position the chair in the best place.

It was a surprise to me that I won, then, and then won again when we played again.
I put it down to the poor golfing quality of the opposition ( sorry, girls ) rather than any skill on my behalf.

When I try to analyse my own judgemental conclusions, I am fully aware that I was never really happy with any physical performance of mine, except for the one – winning the 1000 mile canoe race, and for that only my performance over the last 3 days, not the first 3.
If I was never satisfied before, when very physically able, it’s very unlikely that I will be now, isn’t it, now that I’m 10% as able?

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