Mass deaths to come.

The degree of ‘incompetence’ can really only show one thing – that this government has actually given up on trying to contain Covid. The ‘ attempts to contain it ‘ are largely just posturings to give the impression that they are trying. We all know that 99% of people won’t die, and most will have few symptoms at all. The efforts to stop the spread are ultimately fruitless in a society as ‘ liberal ‘ as ours.
We have exercised our right to sacrifice ( some of ) the sick, the elderly and the unhealthy.
It’s a Survival of the Fittest scenario.
The UK government DOES KNOW THIS.
Many people, far more than are saying so, agree with the harsh logic.
Money always, always comes first.

Personally I’m doing what’s sensible – trying to keep what’s left of me in good shape. I’ve upped the ante significantly ref exercise. Thanks to an old arm crank ( no dirty jokes please ) that my buddy, Dan, gave me years ago, and which ( the late and kind ) Wendy moved for me, I can now use it ( one hand at a time ). It’s outside, I crank up the outside speakers and pretend I’m out cycling or kayaking or running. I have to suppress the fact that I’m a poor c*** in a wheelchair and pretend otherwise, to make it more glamorous in my head!

It does ( sort of ) work ..👍

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